A severe anxiety problem, post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) causes extreme stress responses and other symptoms after a trauma. Recently, researchers are making strides toward treating PTSD with new advances in medicine. What medicine is this? Marijuana.

While controversial, studies are exploring how medical marijuana can help alleviate some of the symptoms of PTSD.

What Is PTSD?

PTSD is a severe form of anxiety that can develop after exposure to any form of psychological trauma. As a result, people who have PTSD suffer from recurring vivid memories of the traumatic event, mood or thought changes, highly charged emotional reactions, and lack of proper sleep, to name some symptoms.

Nearly 8 million Americans have PTSD. While anyone who has experienced a traumatic event can develop PTSD, it is especially prevalent in veterans and women. Numerous factors, including the timing and severity of the event, as well as family history of conditions like depression and anxiety can impact the forming of PTSD.

How Can Medical Marijuana Help Victims of PTSD?

Treatments for PTSD generally involve a combination of psychotherapy and medication. The best type of treatment will depend on the patient’s circumstances, which may involve focusing on therapy and medications. Unfortunately, many cases of PTSD resist the current treatment methods, making it difficult for patients to manage their conditions.

Medical marijuana may be a solution for patients suffering with PTSD symptoms, regardless of whether their conditions resist standard treatment. The high levels of stress and arousal are some of the most difficult for patients to deal with, as these reactions can greatly disrupt day-to-day life. Medical marijuana may help reduce the impact of stress and anxiety. Additionally, because there are numerous cannabinoid receptors throughout the body, medical marijuana can help with some physical symptoms of PTSD as well.

For some patients, however, medical marijuana may not be the best solution. For those with PTSD-induced anxiety and depression, cannabis may alleviate these symptoms or increase them. As with all other medical treatments, the use of marijuana should operate on a case-by-case basis.

Currently, researchers are studying the exact effects of marijuana on those with PTSD. These efforts hope to better understand how marijuana works on PTSD and how it may become an approved treatment, giving patients additional options.

As research continues, we’ll likely see medical marijuana become more prevalent as a treatment PTSD. Until then, some states already allow such treatment, while others have more restrictions. PTSD patients should speak with their doctors to see if medical marijuana may be an option for them.

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